Star Journal Entry: 3 August 2016

This is my first, most likely a little bumpy post. Where’s my ‘L’ plates?

I have been encouraged by my lover to share with the world, my love and now fifteen year obsession with the primary colours.   I originally, liked to call them in the order of Red, Yellow and Blue, however, travelling in a car in Canberra changed it forever!

I realised, playing a visual mental game with myself, when I saw a yellow car on the road…I tried to be patient and count to 10. Within this ten seconds, red, then blue car(s) appeared.  Over a two year period, it became apparent that 9 times out of 10 this phenomenon occurred, well, in Canberra at least. I imagine New York a little harder with yellow taxi’s.

The power I have found in the omen of the primary colours during my life, gives me a smile everyday.

Lights out, eyes closed, sweet dreams…